Anderson Greenwood & Crosby

Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the world’s premier manufacturers of pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and manifolds.

Pressure Relief Products

Looking for the right pressure relief valve to protect your system? Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the premier suppliers of both direct spring operated and pilot operated pressure relief valves.

Tank Protection Products

Anderson Greenwood has the largest and most innovative range of differential pressure flow manifolds available in the world with models available for every kind of D/P instrument.

Safety Selector

Anderson Greenwood / Crosby developed the patented, Safety Selector Valve in response to the growing demand for cost-effective, dual pressure relief valve and/or rupture disc installations in today‚Äôs process industries. The Safety Selector Valve is designed specifically to function as an effective “switchover” device that permits routine or emergency servicing of redundant pressure relief devices with no process interruption, providing continuous system overpressure protection.


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