The Aeon PEC Difference

A Focus on Solutions

Aeon PEC, Inc. represents a broad range of products and solutions. Our focus is on solving problems from an engineering perspective, with cost benefits in mind. We work with engineers on their designs to discover areas of need and identify the right packaged solution to even the most challenging problems.

Knowledge of our Products

Our knowledge of every component we sell, strengthens our ability to provide complete solutions. Our full commitment to turnkey installations of Heat Exchangers, Filtration Equipment, Safety Relief and Control Systems enhances our expertise in all areas of Process Equipment and Controls. Because Aeon PEC installs our engineered products, we offer a comprehensive understanding of the products and issues faced. We have the special expertise to install equipment economically and efficiently – expertise that only decades of specialized experience can provide.

ASME Code Stamps

As ASME/NBIC Certificate holders of the “S”, “U”, “UM”, “R”, “UV”, and “VR” stamps, Aeon PEC is qualified to work in any plant, in any situation, and on any equipment whether or not Aeon PEC supplied it.

High Quality Standards

Our goal is to be the client’s preferred supplier, so we are committed to delivering a unique value and unparalleled quality. We sell the highest quality products in their respective fields and offer our customers in-plant repairs and turnkey installations for all of their needs.

Quality and Safety

Our quality control and safety record is maintained to the highest standards. We have a written Safety & Health Program; have D.O.T. Operator Qualified trained workers; and subscribe to several 3rd party verification services. We train each new employee with a full course in all aspects of the jobs that we do. The program includes safe work practices and procedures, from lockout and tagout through waste disposal and substance abuse. At Aeon PEC, safety comes first.


Aeon PEC, Inc. was formed in August of 2010 but our roots date back to 1952. The company was founded on the principle of having well trained sales engineers presenting the highest quality engineered products to industry.

Our original premise has not changed over the ensuing decades. We want to have a strong technical relationship with not only our customers, but with the manufacturers that we represent. Today, Aeon PEC still represents Perry Equipment Corp. and Anderson Greenwood, each represented by us for more than 50 years of continuous service.

Over this time, our product mix has consistently been valves (control, relief, and instrument), heat exchangers, liquid/gas filtration, and field installation and service, creating unparalleled expertise and vast experience. This experience enables Aeon PEC to understand the needed quality in our products, and allows us to bring clients a selection of only the correct products and manufacturers for their needs.

Core Values

Since our founding, Aeon PEC, Inc. has focused on maintaining the most thoroughly trained, highly motivated, and most knowledgeable technical sales engineers in our industry.

Our goal is to deliver the highest value in the marketplace through individualized service and sound solutions. Our guiding principles have been strengthened over decades of service. We work closely with our clients and management to generate mutual respect. Our core values are the product of — and testament to — the work of our staff, all of which uphold these values.

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