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Separation and Filtration Solutions - Filters, Separators and Coalescers


Aeon PEC is a proud partner of PECO, a Parker Hannifin Company, and has been for over 50 years. Together, we provide our customers with superior and effective separation and filtration solutions. Aeon PEC’s experienced technical team will evaluate each case and determine the appropriate size and type of vessel to provide the best performance for every situation.

Aeon PEC offers filtration and separation services for several industries including Oil and Gas (upstream, midstream), Refinery & Petrochemical (downstream), Power Generation, Utilities and Mining.


XtreamPure High Flow 55HX Liquid Housing

Dry Gas Housing Model 70VTL


Gemini Vessel

Filtration Products


Common types of housings:

  • Dry Gas
  • Gas Filters-Separators
  • Gas Coalescers
  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescing Separators
  • Liquid filters
  • Carbon housings
  • Replacement Closures
  • Y and Tee Strainers
  • Basket Strainers
  • Startup Line Strainers
  • Duplex Strainers

Contact Aeon PEC for assistance on all your Separation and Filtrations Solutions.