Aeon PEC

Heat and Mass Transfer Products & Applications

Heat and Mass Transfer Products

Aeon PEC provides custom cost-effective solutions for chemical, power generation, petroleum, pulp & paper, oil and gas processing and other general industries. Aeon PEC’s technical team has extensive experience and knowledge with heat transfer products and is prepared to help our customers select the proper type and size for your specific application. We offer a broad range of heat transfer products including Shell & Tube, Gasketed Plate and Frame, Air cooled fin-tube, Brazed Aluminum, Spiral, Wet-Surface-Air-Cooled and other custom built designs to your specific application.

Common heat exchanger applications:

  • Lean-Rich Exchangers
  • Condensate Reboiler
  • NGL stabilizers
  • Gas-Gas Exchanger
  • De-ethanizer reboiler
  • Stabilizer preheater
  • Feed/Bottom Exchanger
  • Refrigeration Condenser