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Plate and Frame Instrumentation for Thermal Transfer

Aeon PEC has provided compact thermal transfer solutions through plate and frame exchanger technology for more than 50 years. With a broad range of plate and gasket options let our engineers guide you through the process of selecting, sizing and installing the correct exchanger. Our expertise with plate and frame exchangers includes:

Four main types of plate and frame heat exchangers are:

Gasketed Plate heat exchangers use gaskets to seal the plates together to prevent leaks. These gaskets and plates can easily be removed for cleaning, expansion or replacement with minimal maintenance costs.

Brazed Plate heat exchangers primarily used in many industrial and refrigeration applications. These exchangers are highly resistant to corrosion due to the stainless steel plate composition with copper brazing. These exchangers are extremely efficient and compact making them exceptional economical selection.

Welded Plate heat exchangers are much like the gasketed plate exchangers, but instead the plates are welded. This provides increased durability and are ideal for transferring fluids that are high temperatures or corrosive. Since the plates are welded, mechanically cleaning of the plates is not an option.

Semi-welded plate heat exchangers contain a combination of welded and gasketed plates. These exchangers contain pairs of two plates welded together which are then gasketed to other pairs which allows one fluid path to be welded and one gasketed. This allows one side of the exchanger to be serviced and cleaned with the other capable of handling high pressure and corrosive fluids. The semi-welded style heat exchanger is great for transferring expensive fluids because the risk of fluid loss is small.

Plate Frame Service Work

Aeon has experienced field service team ready to assist with onsite or in shop plate frame services below.

  • Acid dip cleaning
  • Visual inspection of plate pack for mechanical integrity
  • Dye penetrant of plates (may utilize manufacturer’s facility)
  • New packs and installation of new gaskets of existing plates
  • Plate pack installation with hydro-testing
  • Code repair for nozzle deformation