Aeon PEC

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Aeon PEC has been committed to providing high quality products generating customer loyalty and satisfaction over the past 50 years. Aeon PEC offers ASME code, TEMA standards and API-650 code Shell and Tube heat exchangers to meet our client’s simplest and most complex requirements. Our products vary from small compact off the shelf units like ones used on lube oil systems of engines to highly engineered custom units used several industries including, refineries, oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, power generation, and pharmaceutical systems.

Field Service Capabilities:

  • Installation/Removal
  • Tube Bundle Replacements Sections
  • Cleaning and Re-tube Field Services
  • Header Resurfacing & Tube Plugging/Rolling


  • Cryogenic plants
  • LNG
  • Gas Processing
  • Fuel cells