Morin Actuators

Morin manufactures a wide variety of scotch yoke actuators in corrosion resistant configurations to offer customers superior performance in harsh environments. These products are used for the remote control of ball, butterfly, rotary plug or damper style valves in the chemical process, off-shore marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and power industries. These products can be offered for pneumatic, high pressure pneumatic or hydraulic service. Morin also designs control package solutions to meet unique valve automation requirements, such as quick acting valve automation, partial stroke testing and SIL3 capable systems.

PSTD (Partial Stroke Test Device) Test ESD valves without shutdown (Patent Pending) The Morin Partial Stroke Test Device (PSTD) was developed to allow users to test emergency shut-down valves without disrupting the process. The PSTD unit is locked out when the unit is in service and the valve functions normally. When the unit needs to be tested, the operator unlocks the device and inserts the stop pin, allowing for 15 degrees of valve travel to sufficiently test the valve package. Unlike electronic versions, you are guaranteed a hard stop and no over-travel, time after time, without any special calibration.

Series HP Hydraulic Actuator Designed for “on-off” or modulating control of any quarter-turn ball, butterfly, rotary plug or damper style valve applications. For use in chemical process, food & beverage, iron & steel, off-shore marine, pharmaceutical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper, and textile industries.

Series B/C B series – Ductile iron w/ stainless steel cylinders C series – Ductile iron w/ carbon steel cylinders Spring return and double acting actuators Quarter-turn output torques to 1,400,000

Series S Stainless steel spring return and double acting pneumatic quarter-turn actuators Output torques to 240,000


  • PSTD (Partial Stroke Test Device)
  • Series HP Hydraulic Actuator
  • Series B/C
  • Series S

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