Aeon PEC
AeonPEC Process Equipment & Controls

Relief Valve Assembly & Repair Shop

Aeon PEC has a National Board-certified relief valve repair and assembly shop that has been in operation for over 18 years. Our shop holds a “VR” stamp for repairs as well as “UV” stamps for new valve assembly on numerous product lines. Our familiarity with multiple PRV manufactures allows us to set, repair, recertify & assemble all liquid, gas, and steam valves providing fast turnarounds to meet customer demands. Aeon stocks multiple sizes of various brands of relief valves as well as repair kits & parts resulting in prompt service.

AEON PEC dedicated valve department specializes in resolving problematic relief systems. Our Valve specialists work with facility operators and engineers to assess application, diagnose the problem and provide effective economical solutions in compliance with good engineering practices in a timely manner.

AEON PEC takes great pride in meeting the customer’s demands for new valves and parts promptly. By maintaining a large inventory of new valves AEON PEC strives to provide “off the shelf” solutions for multiple applications.

Common relief valves kept in stock for the following processes (liquid/gas/steam)

  • SRVs in multiple pressure classes in sizes ranging from 1″- 8″
  • Direct Spring Valves – Conventional and Balanced Design
  • Pilot operated, metal seated or soft seated, high/low pressure
  • Repair kits and replacement parts

Aeon PEC’s long-standing business relationships with other valve manufacturers, assemblers and VR shops allows us to provide parts, valves, and/or information to our customers for competitively priced solutions.