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As a Technical Sales company, Aeon PEC has been helping our customers for over 20 years with the sale, installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of engineered and operational products. Our extensive experience in our ASME Code Shops and in the Field enables us to assist you with Turnkey Project Services, Relief Valve Services, Tower & Vessel Internals, Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Coolers, Valves, Pumps, Actuator & Controls and more! Contact Aeon PEC for all your shop and field service needs!

Valve Services

Valve Services
Valve Services

Aeon PEC proudly offers a wide range of shop and field services for all your Control Valve, Safety Valve and Actuation needs. As a National Board Certified relief valve repair and assembly shop, Aeon PEC has been servicing our customer’s needs for over 18 years. Aeon PEC’s Certified Technicians are ready to assemble, repair and test your valves for almost any application to ensure your downtime costs are minimized. Aeon PEC’s mobile valve trailers and crane trucks serves a wide area which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Have you struggled with finding your valve test or repair reports, have a nameplate missing, or the paperwork is just faded? Aeon PEC offers a web-based repository for all your valve testing and VR reports, accessible 24/7 via our website. Each client receives their secure log-in and password and they can access their account via our website. You’ll always know your records are safe and retrievable when they’re needed.


  • Web Based Client Test Reports
  • On-Site DOT Testing / Repair / Certification
  • Mobile Valve Repair Trailers
  • ASME Certified Valve Assembly & Repair
  • Aeon PEC holds: “U”, “R”, “UV”, “VR”, “TO” NBIC Certifications
  • Section I & Section VIII Steam Valve Testing & Repair
  • Regulator Testing & Repair
  • Gear Operator Repair & Exchange
  • Large OEM repair part inventory for major relief valve manufacturers including: Leser, AGCO, Crosby, Taylor, Farris, Mercer, Hydroseal, Conbraco, Consolidated, etc
  • Actuators (scotch yoke, rack & pinion, rotary, electric)
  • D.O.T. Valve Greasing
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Design and Installation
  • Level Control Installation / Repair / Calibration
  • Complete Valve Specification Services

Valves, Actuators & Controls

Inspection, Testing, and Repair for all Manufacturers of:

  • Control Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • V-Balls
  • Gear Operators


  • Kimray Pump repair
  • Kimray 40, 90, 210 & 450 Swap program

Shop & Field Services – General

Aeon PEC is well equipped to provide an extensive variety of general shop and field services for a wide range of customers. We can offer Turnkey Project Management for Plant Shutdowns, repair and/or maintain your Heat Exchangers or Air Cooled Coolers, as well as Tower and Vessel internals inspected or repaired.


Shop Services

Shop Services

  • B31.3 Shop & Field Welding
  • Fast Vessel and Piping Fabrication
  • ASME Code Vessel Modification
  • Filtration Skid Rentals (including delivery, set up, operation)
  • Gauge & Deadweight NIST Certification
Field Services
Field Services
Field Services

Field Services

  • Turnkey Project Management for Plant Shutdowns and Full Vessel Replacements
  • D.O.T. Operator Qualified Personnel (Specializing in Confined Space Work)
  • Meter Tube Cleaning
  • Amine and TEG Dehy System Flushing & Steaming
  • Tower & Vessel Internals
    • Installation & Troubleshooting
    • Wire/Vane Mist Eliminators
    • Tower Tray Inspection & Repair
    • Valve Trays / Tower Internals
    • Turnkey Filter Element Change Outs
    • Mole Sieve Dehydration Unloading and Loading
  • Heat Exchangers
    • Repair Services and Parts for all manufacturers
    • Tube Lancing Services
    • High Performance Replacement Bundles
  • Air Cooled Coolers
    • Re-tube & Repair
    • Internal/External Foam Cleaning
    • Emergency Tube Plugging
    • Fan/Bearing Service & Replacement

COVID-19 Notice: AEON PEC is open for business and we are here to support all of your business needs in the face of COVID-19. Deemed as essential service, we provide a full line of field service capabilities, engineering support, product sales and solutions to keep you open and operating safely. We will remain focused on safety and health during these unique times.