Aeon PEC

Engineered Automation Packages


Aeon PEC offers an extensive variety of sales and service packages from our Automation department. Our experienced Engineers and Technicians provides a broad range of design capabilities, ensuring our customers receive an accurate technical and economical solution. Aeon PEC’s staff will walk you through each stage of the process (concept/design, installation and maintenance/operations).

Common Automation Projects:

Actuator and Valve Sizing

Applicable Codes: NACE MR0175, NACE MR0103, API6D and ASME Section II Materials

  • Types of actuators
    • Morin Pneumatic Actuator
    • Biffi ALGAS Pneumatic Actuator
    • Biffi Electric Actuator
    • Manual gear op
  • Types of valves
    • Ball valve (Trunnion and Floating style)
    • Butterfly valves
    • Wedge Gate & Slab Gate
    • Check Valve
Rack & Pinion Actuator

Rack & Pinion Actuator

Biffi ICON Electric Actuator

Biffi ICON Electric Actuator



Morin Pneumatic Actuator

Morin Pneumatic Actuator


Control Panels

Aeon PEC’s process begins with a site visit or question and answer meeting to determine our customers’ requirements. Our experienced staff of technicians and engineers then design, build, install and test each control panel to ensure our customer’s requirements are being met.

Custom Control Panel Design and Installation

  • Types of Standard Panels, Manual Reset panel, High Pressure ESD shutoff panel with manual reset, Low-pressure ESD shutoff panel with manual reset.
  • Customize panels can include flow meters, manual actuation of valve in line.
  • All panels use 316L double ferrule compression fittings, glycerin filled gauges, instrumentation brackets.

Valves, Actuators and Control Systems


Troubleshooting and repair of existing valves, actuators and control systems

  • Inspect
  • Repair / replace damaged parts
  • Reassemble and test to manufacturer standards

Calibration and commissioning of valves and instrumentation for start ups

  • AMS TREX DEVICE for communication with Hart protocol instrumentation.
  • 4-20mA Loop Calibrator
Aeon PEC Control Panel

Custom Control Panel


Aeon PEC offers a full line of instrumentation products for pressure and temperature monitoring, fluid level control, and flow monitoring / control to fit the individual need of each application.

Common Instrumentation Projects:

  • Inline or remote mount measurement systems
  • Electronic / Pneumatic valve controller and position indicator
  • Hi/Low pressure switches and relays
  • Fluid level controls and indications
  • Flow monitoring systems

Our full line of control instrumentation products combined with our extensive process knowledge enables Aeon PEC to not only design and fabricate but also to install the perfect system for your application, with the focus on enhancing your operations, as well as providing service after the sale.

Contact Aeon PEC for assistance on all your Actuation & Instrumentation needs!